Environmental Policy

At Col Groves Electrics we strive to ensure every effort is taken to recycle unwanted, waste materials that come as a result of day to day work activities.

We place emphasis on consideration of the local environment, as well as on creating a Safe & Healthy Work Environment for our Employees.

We focus on improving the physical as well as the mental work environment.

We will ensure that the suppliers we choose have adopted environmentally appropriate attitudes and policies.


At Col Groves Electrics we believe that excellence in environmental performance is essential to our business success locally and afar, with balancing the economic, social and environmental needs of sustainable development.

We aspire to be the company of choice because of our environmental performance. We seek to reduce our environmental footprint in line with our working procedures while delivering value to our stakeholders.

Setting compliance with our legal obligations as the minimum standard for our performance, we conduct all our activities with the aim of minimising adverse effects on the environment.

Col Groves Electrics achieves these objectives by:

  • Complying with all relevant laws, regulations and standards and applying responsible standards where laws do not exist
  • Minimising pollution and the cumulative environment impact of our activities at a local and regional
  • Seeking to reduce wast and improve resource use efficiency in our design and operation practices
  • Monitoring the effects of our activities and changing our practices to minimise our footprint
  • Setting internal targets which drive us to continually improve our environmental performance
  • Reporting our environmental performance openly and transparently
  • Learning from our performance to continuously improve our processes, work practices and behaviours and sharing our lesson learned with others
  • Striving to meet community expectations by listening to and addressing concerns
  • Being aware of, and accountable for, our individual contribution to environmental performance, and encouraging every employee day by day to respect our environment