Mission Statement

The objective of our organisation is to ensure total customer satisfaction by providing the highest levels of service and quality of product.

This can only be achieved by a team who are pulling in the same direction…a team in which every member is energetically and enthusiastically supportive of all others. In assembling such a team, existing skills and the recognition of potential is a paramount consideration but not the only priority.

The creation of a work environment based upon co-operation, communication and caring is equally important. Regardless of position or degree or maturity and experience, this is something we can all contribute to. Whether you have earned a position of seniority or just starting a career, everyday working in our organisation should not only be a productive one, but a happy one.

Everyone within our organisation should be able to work together in the interest of our clients and interact at all levels to find the best way of getting the job done. We encourage learning and the acquisition of new skills, and find the area in which these skills are put to best use. We extend this concept to encompass sub-contractors and inspire them, in turn, to enjoy working with us and in turn give of their best.

We look upon our organisation as a community …one which has grown and extended yet remains close knit. Within this community, there should always remain the opportunity for open discussion, and an exchange of ideas. There should be both constructive criticism and praise where deserved and the opportunity to discuss genuine problems or complaints without fear or repercussion.